13th July 2021

I hope that you and your families remain safe and well.

In the last couple of weeks we have welcomed, albeit virtually, our new Year 7 students to Plantsbrook School.  We have also welcomed our new teaching staff for an induction day who will be joining us in  September.  We anticipate numerous changes in September and it is pleasing to know that the government has made changes to policy to limit the disruption in schools as a result of positive Covid cases.  We will keep you updated of our plans once they are finalised and we are clear we have a sensible plan in place.

I can tell you that we will retain the staggered breaks and lunches in September, which have been successful in managing the volume and number of students, particularly when the weather is inclement.  We will also manage the arrival of students in the morning by keeping the segregated entrances.  We will however be doing away with the timings and will provide further information on this in due course.

We have also been alerted that we will be undertaking lateral flow tests with all students at the start of term.  We will need to undertake two tests 3-5 days apart.  This will definitely affect our start to the new year and will likely result in a staggered start for year groups during the first few days.  This will be similar to the return to school after lockdown on March 8th, when parents will have consented to the administering of these tests.  If you no longer provide this consent for your child to be tested please notify us at enquiry@planstbrookschool.co.uk . Again, we will provide more detail of testing plans once we have finalised the most sensible plan. 

It will be with a mixture of pride and relief that we will bring an end to the academic year  for our students on Wednesday 21st July at 12.20pm.  I would like to thank our families and students again for their support over the last year.  The last week or two has been particularly challenging with increasing numbers of students having to self-isolate.  Please note that in line with government guidance the rules for self-isolation apply until August 16th.  It is therefore with regret that we cannot welcome all students currently isolated out of isolation on 19th July, they must fulfill their full 10 day period.  

Whilst the national changes announced commence on 19th July we do not plan to make any changes to our expectations this term.  We want to complete the last 3 days with as little disruption as possible.  We will therefore still be expecting our students to wear face coverings in communal spaces for the last few days as well as observing all other Covid guidelines, including hand hygiene and social distancing, wherever possible.

Finally, during the last few days of term and to celebrate the end of what has been a challenging and turbulent year we will be rewarding our students with some presentations and a fun event on the school field with inflatables, games and an ice cream van.  We think they deserve it after all they have been dealing with, we just wish that all of our students could be there to join in.

I hope you all have a lovely summer break.

Stay safe, take care and thank you for your continued support.

Kind regards,

Mr Farr