Army leadership challenge tests students

Plantsbrook students were put through their paces in an elite skills training session delivered by the Army Youth Outreach Team.

The session, for selected students from Year 9, started with an interactive careers presentation which highlighted the vast array of employment opportunities within the Army.

Corporal Yogesh Khanduri, who works with the Outreach Team for the West Midlands and North Wales, said:

“Our team has a mix of infantry people, mechanical engineers, logistical people, medics and more.

“The activities we conduct are about raising awareness of what the Army has to offer, not recruitment. It’s about engaging with students and showing them that it’s not just about fighting, there are many career opportunities.”

Forty selected students were then given the opportunity to complete physical training drills, aimed at developing leadership, teamwork and organisational skills.

Corporal Khanduri said:

“Our command drills are meant to bring out the best in each student. We encourage them to organise themselves and express their ideas to complete the task together. It helps grow their confidence.

“Whether they join the Army or not, we give them skills that can be used in all walks of life.”

Plantsbrook’s Careers Advisor Sarah Dullea said it was an eye-opening and enjoyable experience all-round.

“The presentation showed the students the variety of different careers available in the Army, and that it’s not always about grades – it’s for everyone.

“It’s great to give them the chance to foster important skills outside of the classroom. Everyone seems to love an Army session.”