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Welcome to the Centre Assessed Grades (CAGs) section of our website.

Due to the cancellation of all exams this summer, schools have been given the responsibility to award grades to students based upon demonstrated evidence.  This evidence may be compiled from a range of sources and may vary from subject to subject.  It is recommended that parents and students review the documents on this section of our website for further specific details.

We will add information to this area of our website and encourage you to return over time as we get nearer to the results days for A-level on the 10th of August and for GCSE on the 12th of August.

In the event that students are not happy with the results and believe there has been an error with their CAGs they should refer to the JCQ Appeals Guidance Document. 

It is important to recognise that any appeal could mean that a grade could go down as well as go up or stay the same. 

Similarly, it is important to remember that students will have the opportunity to sit the examinations in the autumn series, if they believe they can improve their grade.

We have been informed that the bar for appeals is set very high and the professional bodies suggest that it is likely that very few appeals will be successful.  We will be happy to process all appeals on behalf of our students, but we would urge you to be aware of all of the implications before you request us to do so.

The only appeals that will be dealt with in the summer holidays will be priority appeals that are for A-Level students only and where there is a concern that the appeal will affect a university application. 

These appeals will need to be submitted between the 10th & 17th August and we would urge any student who wishes to lodge an appeal to make this known to a member of the leadership team on results day.

What to do if you are considering lodging an appeal
In the first instance you must discuss this with staff on results day. However, where this is not possible there will be a staff presence every morning during the week of 9th August tor alternatively you can email enquiry@plantsbrookschool.co.uk using the title EXAM APPEALS- FAO SLT.  Outline in your discussion or your email why you are considering lodging an appeal and for which qualification. Make sure you also read the appeals documentation on the link below. If, after discussing with staff, or receiving an email response you still wish to submit an appeal then follow the steps outlined below.
1.  A stage one Centre Review appeal form should be completed and submitted by the appropriate deadline. A link to the form will be found on the CAGs section of our website. https://plantsbrookschool.co.uk/cags/
2.  You must also submit the Google form using the link provided on this page. We will not be able to process any appeals until both of these forms have been completed. 
3.  Once you have been notified of the outcome of the Centre Review you must decide if you wish to progress to a stage two appeal to Awarding Organisation. Remember to consider all of the implications of this.
4.  If you do choose to submit a stage two appeal then you need to complete the appropriate form, which will be found on the CAGs section of our website. You must ensure you meet our internal submission deadline.

Assessment Evidence

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