As you can imagine, the Coronavirus is a constant source of concern to all schools and advice is changing as we move forward. I receive a notification from the Department for Education every day ensuring that we are kept up to date with the latest guidance. Yesterday the advice from central government changed to the following: Self isolate if you feel that your child meets either of these criteria. Please do not send them into school.

  • Flu like symptoms – defined as a fever above 37.8C or
  • Persistent cough

We have held assemblies over the last few weeks discussing the importance of hand washing. We have posters around school showing the way to do this properly Please support us by discussing this at home. I have attached a poster to this newsletter which clearly tells you how to stay safe during this time.  For further information, please look on the school website which we will update as necessary or following the link below in order to keep our children, families and community safe.  Please follow the usual procedures for informing us of an absence.

We have also been advised that all school trips abroad are to be cancelled.  We will inform those affected separately.