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Key Stage 3 Curriculum Overview 2021/2022

The table below shows the number of hours per fortnight that pupils in Key Stage 3 study each subject.

Key Stage 4 Curriculum Overview 2021/2022

The table below shows the number of hours per fortnight that pupils in Key Stage 4 study each of the core subjects and their chosen GCSE or BTEC subjects.

Key stage 4 Option Subjects:

GCSE Business Studies
GCSE Computer Science
GCSE Drama
GCSE Food preparation and Nutrition
GCSE French
GCSE Geography
GCSE History
GCSE Music
GCSE Physical Education
GCSE Product Design
GCSE Psychology
GCSE Religious Studies
GCSE Spanish
BTEC Enterprise
BTEC Engineering
OCR Creative iMedia
BTEC Travel and Tourism

Option subjects will only run if sufficient numbers of students choose them.

Key Stage 5 Curriculum Overview 2021/2022

Students in Key Stage 5 choose 3 subjects to study over 2 years.  Each subject is taught for 5 hours per week. In addition, students may choose to study the Cambridge PreU qualification.

Key Stage 5 Option Subjects:

GCE        Accounting
GCE        Applied Science
GCE        Biology
GCE        Business Studies
GCE        Chemistry
GCE        Computing
GCE        Economics
GCE        English Language
GCE        English Literature
GCE        French
GCE        Geography
GCE        History
GCE        Mathematics
GCE        Media Studies
GCE        Music
GCE        Philosophy and Ethics
GCE        Physics
GCE        Product Design
GCE        Psychology
GCE        Sociology
GCE        Spanish
BTEC      Level 3 Art
BTEC      Level 3 Business Studies
BTEC      Level 3 ICT
BTEC      Level 3 Performing Arts
BTEC      Level 3 Sport
BTEC      Level 3 Media
BTEC      Level 3 Travel and Tourism
BTEC      Level 3 Health and Social Care


Subjects will only be available if they have sufficient student numbers for them to be viable.

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