Former pupil inspires VI students

Visually impaired students got the opportunity to meet an online hero as former student now activist and online influencer Lucy Edwards-Cave returned to school.

The broadcaster, journalist and content creator also shared some lessons and experiences from her journey in life with Year 12 students, highlighting the methods she’d used to pursue not just an impressive career to date, but to also make a difference.

With more than two and a half million followers and subscribers across her social media channels, Lucy spoke of her work with huge brands such as Pantene, Google, Spotify and L’Oreal, to improve accessibility and disability inclusion.

Many of Lucy’s former teachers were able to grab some time with her, and she spoke glowingly of her previous life at Plantsbrook:

“I remember walking through the halls and not being a very confident girl, and so many of the teachers really helped me build confidence. This is where I’ve come from and it’s really sweet to be able to come back and share what I’ve learnt being a journalist and setting up my own business. 

When I started Youtube there wasn’t anyone else like me, there wasn’t representation and I wanted to make someone feel like on day one when they lose their vision they have hope. 

I love all the teachers and teaching assistants. I just think it’s really important to make sure the VI kids are supported, they don’t often get told that they can do something, the world isn’t made for them, so to have people who do support them and think positively is important, it’s why I do what I do.”