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GCSE Results 2021

At Plantsbrook School we are extremely pleased to celebrate the marvellous achievements of our Year 11 students as they collect their GCSE results and equivalent qualifications.  We wholeheartedly wish them all the very best for a bright and optimistic future.  After what has been an extraordinary couple of years for our students, their families and our staff I am immensely proud to say that together they have triumphed with another astonishing set of well-deserved grades.  These are grades that truly reflect the commitment, strength and resilience of our students during the most unprecedented of times.  We all know how challenging the circumstances have been for all of us, but it is most important for us to reflect on how difficult it has been for our young people to cope with the additional stresses and strains of mini assessments, which have been used to inform these final grades.  Our students have demonstrated excellence in all subjects, and we look forward to welcoming the vast majority of them back into the sixth form to study level 3 courses.

I must applaud our staff, who have worked tirelessly throughout these turbulent times to ensure our students and the quality of education they receive is the number one priority.  They have absorbed the additional pressure, stress and anxiety of coping with the continuously changing landscape, so that the impact on our students and families has been kept to a minimum.  I thank them for their professionalism and generous spirit, they are a fabulous team!

At Plantsbrook we strive for high standards, and we have a history of strong GCSE results, this year is no different as we witness grades that are in line with previous students’ achievements.  I am dismayed at the rhetoric of grade inflation and want our students to feel assured that it is they who have earnt these grades through their sheer hard work, resilience and determination, they are thoroughly well deserved, and they should be proud of themselves!

As ever there were some outstanding individual GCSE level performances including:

  • Neve Wilde- 8 x grade 9s & 2 grade 8s
  • Jamie McCollin- 7 x grade 9s, 2 x grade 8s & a Distinction*
  • Amelia Green- 7 x grade 9s, 3 x grade 8s
  • Lucy Elwell- 3 x grade 9s, 5 x grade 8s & 2 x Distinction*s
  • Monica Puri- 4 x grade 9s & 6 x grade 8s
  • Eve Benson- 5 x grade 9s & 5 x grade 8s
  • Oliver Campden- 4 x grade 9s, 4 x grade 8s & 2 x grade 7s
  • Kazim Hussain- 4 x grade 9s, 2 x grade 8s, 3 x grade 7s & 1 x Distinction*
  • Charlotte Walker- 1 x grade 9, 7 x grade 8s and 2 x grade 7s

It was very pleasing to see so many top grades across a wide range of subject areas including:

BTEC Engineering, BTEC Travel & Tourism, PE, Music, Food & Nutrition, Design & Technology, Biology, Chemistry, Geography & Physics.

We know many of our students will be returning to our sixth form and we look forward to seeing them in September, others will have secured places on apprenticeships or at other sixth forms and colleges.  Any student who is in need of advice and support can rely upon good quality information, advice and guidance from our specialist staff team.