Global Perspectives

Global Perspectives places academic specialisation in a practical, real-world context, being a
seminar-based opportunity to research and explore a range of issues challenging people across the
globe. Developing critical/analytical, research, and problem-solving skills essential to higher
education, candidates will learn to place their personal perspectives in a global context, finding new
inspiration and challenges for their studies. Candidates will submit a presentation and an essay from
their portfolio and sit an examination. Cambridge Pre-U Global Perspectives aims to prepare young
people for positive engagement with a rapidly changing world, broadening their outlook through the
critical analysis of, and reflection on, issues of global significance.
In Year 12 students will complete an essay, on a global topic of their choice, an exam and prepare a
presentation on a set global issue. Students can continue into Year 13 where they will be expected
to complete a dissertation on a topic of their choice. More information can be found on the links

Video with an overview:

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