How will we support your child during transition

  • Open Evenings for incoming Year 7 and 6th form students

Primary into Key Stage 3

  • Inclusion Leader/ QTVI can attend Year 6 annual reviews of students with a statement or an EHCP if necessary
  • Meetings with primary class teachers and Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators to share appropriate information
  • Two calendared additional transition days managed by the Inclusion department
  • Visits to primary schools by the pastoral team including the Achievement Co-ordinator or student welfare team. In addition, for SEND students, a member of the Inclusion team will visit prior to the city wide induction day
  • Year 6 SEND students will have access to further information that will aid the transition process
  • Access to a member of the Inclusion team on Year 7 Induction evening for parents

Key Stage 3 Into 4

  • Option Evening for parents in year 9
  • Access to careers support

Key Stage 4 and 5

  • Access to careers advice
  • Production of Learning Support Plan for colleges
  • Support from Teaching Assistants in visiting other placements where appropriate
  • Access to 6th Form mentor for advice

Post 16

  • Liaison with careers advisor in school
  • Access to independent careers advice
  • Information about alternative educational providers including training providers
  • Transition meetings are arranged and relevant information is shared
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