I am thinking about choosing Plantsbrook for my child's school - what do I need to do?

Visit the school. Meet the staff (including our Inclusion Leader/SENCo and our Head of Vision Resource Base/QTVI) and some of our students on dedicated Open Evenings or Open Mornings. This is a great way to a get a good ‘feel’ for our school and whether it is right for your child.
For primary to secondary transfer, students without an EHCP but with a SEND need would follow the same procedure and time line for application to secondary schools through the LEA school admissions process.

For students with an EHCP looking to transfer to their chosen secondary school, the time line is moved forward and more information can be found here:

For students who are not transferring from primary school and are looking to transfer from another secondary school, they would be advised to contact Plantsbrook and ask about the number of students on the waiting list for that particular year group first. An application to the school can be made through the LEA. More information on this can be found here:

For students who are looking for Post-16 provision, applications are made directly with the school and further information can be found here:

For students with a vision impairment who are looking for a place within our resource base, applications need to be made via the Local Authority as it is a requirement that any student who is applying for a place within the resource base already has an EHCP.
If your child is looking to transfer from their primary school, you would need to follow the same process as stated above for a child with an EHCP but ensure you apply through the appropriate LEA paper work that states you are applying for a place within the resource base.

How will we support your child during transition

  • Open Evenings for incoming Year 7 and 6th form students

Primary into Key Stage 3

  • Inclusion Leader/ QTVI can attend Year 6 annual reviews of students with a statement or an EHCP if necessary
  • Meetings with primary class teachers and Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators to share appropriate information
  • Two calendared additional transition days managed by the Inclusion department
  • Visits to primary schools by the pastoral team including the Achievement Co-ordinator or student welfare team. In addition, for SEND students, a member of the Inclusion team will visit prior to the city wide induction day
  • Year 6 SEND students will have access to further information that will aid the transition process
  • Access to a member of the Inclusion team on Year 7 Induction evening for parents

Key Stage 3 Into 4

  • Option Evening for parents in year 9
  • Access to careers support

Key Stage 4 and 5

  • Access to careers advice
  • Production of Learning Support Plan for colleges
  • Support from Teaching Assistants in visiting other placements where appropriate
  • Access to 6th Form mentor for advice

Post 16

  • Liaison with careers advisor in school
  • Access to independent careers advice
  • Information about alternative educational providers including training providers
  • Transition meetings are arranged and relevant information is shared
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