How will you know how your child is doing

  • Students are assessed regularly by their subject teachers to monitor and track progress made.
  • We measure student progress against national expectations and age related expectations.
  • Data is published and shared with parents/carers via interim reports and also the annual school report.
  • Information is shared with parents during the annual Parents Evening.
  • Staff will make contact via telephone/letter/email if there are any concerns arising
  • Subject teachers can refer any of their students who they may have additional concerns to their Subject Leader, Achievement Co-ordinator or the Inclusion Leader at any time. Appropriate action will be taken and parents informed at point of need if any further intervention is needed.
  • We offer an open door policy where any parent/carer is able to make an appointment to meet with a tutor, Achievement Co-ordinator or Inclusion leader to discuss their child.
  • We endeavour to work effectively as a team around the child, communicating openly and honestly with parents/carers as to the best ways in which school can support your child and ways in which you can also support at home.
If your child is on our SEND register they will be part of our provision map. For the majority of students, teachers will be able to use their ‘High Quality Teaching’ strategies to meet their needs. For students with more complex needs, a ‘Pupil Profile’ will be created which incorporates appropriate strategies staff members can employ to best support your child. These are reviewed regularly with the input of parents/carers and your child.
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