Importance of sleep gets weekly focus

To mark the upcoming National Bed Month in March, students across all year groups will be taking part in assemblies titled ‘Healthy Me – The Importance of Sleep’.

It’s all been designed to promote the benefits of sleep for wellbeing and academic progress, with some experts suggesting young people should be getting between 7-9 hours of sleep a night.

A lack of sleep is often blamed for things like feeling fatigued or lethargic throughout the day, yawning frequently, feeling irritable and changes in mood and low motivation.

Deputy Headteacher Miss Thom is leading the assemblies, and says they form part of a series of topics designed to help students in any way we can:

“I have a theme each week and try and promote it across the school through assemblies and tutorials. I try to link to national campaigns such as Anti-bullying week, mental health week.”

“In my assembly, I will be addressing how sleep deprivation affects the body and what students can do to support with their sleep, and we’ll also be communicating some of this to parents too.”