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‘Meet the SENCo’ Opportunities

‘Meet the SENCo’ Opportunities

Half termly ‘Meet the SENCo’ opportunities are available for one week every half term for parents/carers should they wish to speak to Mrs Lomas (Inclusion Leader/SENCo).

Please note, any students who has an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP) will have an arranged formal annual review.

20th September – 24th September 2021

8th November – 12th November 2021

10th January – 14th January 2022

7th March – 11th March 2022

3rd May – 6th May 2022

13th June – 17th June 2022

Please note that due to the current ‘Covid-climate’, Mrs Lomas would prefer to offer phone calls or virtual meetings, rather than face-to-face meetings. If you would like to speak to Mrs Lomas regarding your child, please email her on: