Newsletter 05/10/2020

Sixth Form Newsletter

Week commencing: 6th July 2020

Year 12 please join – Google classroom – Class code: z4n74da

Message from the Sixth Form Team

As we head towards the end of term it feels a little strange to think we are starting our summer holiday at the end of the next week. Possibly some of you are thinking of getting away on holiday – we decided to cancel ours as we felt it wasn’t going to be the same and thought it would be best to rearrange for next year. If you are getting away, have a brilliant time! If not, we are now well adapted to being at home and I hope you also have a restful, enjoyable holiday. This is going to be our last newsletter and information we need to share with you will be done as and when via SMHW (email to parents) as when I have information to be shared with you. Please remember that social distancing is still very much in place and when you are out an about, regardless of anyone, do the right thing. Stay safe, Stay well, Stay alert.


You will be back at school in September I will send precise start dates/times later this week. But plan on this being around Tuesday 8th September.