Our art and design department at Plantsbrook School strives to offer our students opportunities that will stretch and challenge them, requiring them to explore and critically assess both 2D and 3D artwork and apply this to their own learning.

Our students participate in a vibrant and ambitious curriculum, applying their knowledge and skills through the development of their own personal art journey, reflective of their own beliefs, values and interpretation of the culturally rich and diverse world around them.

We recognise that success in art and design can take many forms and that good progress does not necessarily mean the best drawing or sculpture. At Plantsbrook school, we think it is important to offer students at KS3 a broad and balanced curriculum. This enables them to successfully progress into traditional or vocational routes at KS4 and 5; GCSE Art and Design and Level 3 BTEC Art and Design, ensuring all students are able to excel.

We actively encourage all of our students to be open minded, to think critically about art and to question, explore and engage with work by a diverse range of artists. In addition to develop both these and practical skills, we want our students to be able to challenge their own and others opinion of art but ultimately to ‘have a go’

We aspire to instil a love of art in all of our students through exploration of a broad range of multisensory and engaging activities within our hub of creativity and innovation. Our students develop skills in traditional areas such as printing techniques, watercolour and pastel. Wwe are fortunate to also have facilities for students to work in ceramic, abstract interpretation and sculpture in order to capture their imagination and interest.

We also believe it is important develop an appreciation of art and design outside of our lessons. We actively showcase and explore possible career pathways within our subject and support pupils in building links with other other areas of study in order to promote the value and worth or creativity in the wider world. Student work is heavily showcased around the school environment in addition to the annual art show, held by our sixth form artists.

Our teaching spaces are vibrant and inviting; a feast for the eyes, encased in the successes of students before them, fostering a feeling of awe and wonder for all.

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