Curriculum Overview Statement


We are committed to ensuring that students experience a fully rounded, broad and ambitious curriculum.. As a result we put a high priority on literacy and numeracy and the development of core knowledge and skills across all subject areas. Subject staff have decided on the key knowledge, skills and understanding that students should acquire in each of the core and foundation subjects. These are combined with activities to develop creative, passionate learners who can think analytically and critically. We also promote equality of opportunity and ethical and responsible citizenship.We believe that this is the best preparation for success in key stages four and five and for a rich and fulfilling future.

Sport and physical education are essential within a balanced curriculum. Our students play a variety of team and individual sports and are taught in the excellent facilities in the sports block including the state of the art fitness suite. Art, design and technology is timetabled on a rotation and students cover aspects of food, product design, art and textiles. The projects are designed by our ADT teachers to explore and develop the necessary skills to progress well in these subjects. Computing is a discrete subject in KS3 and develops the foundation for digital literacy. Students become competent in their use of ICT skills and in writing computer programmes to solve problems. Students have regular lessons in music and drama, developing an understanding and appreciation of the Arts. Our Performing Arts faculty helps students to develop their confidence, communication skills and creativity.

French is offered to all students in years seven and eight and students then select from French or Spanish in year nine. The vast majority of our students take one language at GCSE but for those who are exceptional linguists the opportunity is there to study both French and Spanish.


We offer a wide range of choice at key stage four and we provide targeted support and guidance to assist students with their options choices. We believe that the EBacc route is appropriate for most of our students but there is choice built into our model to ensure that students have a programme that offers greater personalisation for those not suited to its principles.

We ensure that almost every student has the potential to achieve their best and to adhere to our ethos, be the best that they can be.

We want all our students to have a varied diet of subjects but also want them to play to their strengths. This promotes our holistic principles. The decision to take double or triple science is made on a student’s ability and aptitude for the subject. Where appropriate, we ensure that some students take an entry level qualification alongside their GCSE, although this is a very small number.


Art & DesignOCR J170-J176
Biology GCSEAQA 8461
Btec Enterprise Level 1/2 Tech AwardPearson 603/7063/4
Btec Travel and Tourism Level 1/2 AwardPearson 603/7048/8
Business GCSEAQA 8132
Chemistry GCSEAQA 8462
Combined science GCSEAQA 8464
Computer Science GCSEAQA 8525
Design and Technology GCSEOCR J310
Engineering Level 1/2 Technical AwardNCFE 603/7006/3
English Language GCSEAQA 8700
English Literature GCSEAQA 8702
Food Preparation and NutritionOCR J309
French GCSEAQA 8658
Geography GCSEAQA 8035
History GCSEOCR B SHP J411
Maths GCSEAQA 8300
Music GCSE (Year 10 Only)EDUQAS C660QS
PE GCSEEdexcel
Performing Arts Technical Award (Year 11 Only)EDUQAS 5639QA
Physics GCSEAQA 8463
Psychology GCSEOCR J203
Spanish GCSEAQA 8698


Our students progress very successfully to key stage five studies with a high proportion moving on to further education and training. A range of academic subjects are available to students. Students have the opportunity to blend a wide range of Advanced Level and Btec Level Three qualifications. Our Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for sixth form offers support and guidance throughout the school so that our students start their key stage five studies with confidence and assurance.

Accounting A levelAQA 7127
Applied Science CertificateAQA 1775
Art & Design BTECPearson ZWN84
Biology A levelAQA 7401/2
IT BTECPearson
Sport BTECEdexcel
Business Studies A levelAQA 7132
Business Studies BTECPearson 601/7159/5
Chemistry A levelAQA 7404/5
Computer Science A LevelAQA 7517
Creative Media Production BTECPearson BGXW3
Design and Technology: Product Design A LevelOCR H406
Drama A LevelEDUQAS A690QS
Economics A levelAQA 7136
English Language A levelAQA 7702
English Literature A levelAQA 7712A
Extended Project QualificationAQA 7993
French A levelAQA 7652
Geography A LevelAQA 7037
Health and Social Care BTECPearson 601/7197/2
History A LevelEdexcel 9HI0 1G/2G
Maths A LevelEdexcel 9MA0
Media Studies A levelEduqas A680QS
Philosophy and Ethics A LevelEdexcel 9RS0/01 9RS0/02 9RS0/4B
Physics A levelAQA 7407/8
Psychology A levelEdexcel 9PS0
Sociology A levelAQA 7192
Travel and Tourism BTECPearson 601/9023/1