About Us

At Plantsbrook, we aim to be a learning, caring, successful school, serving the community and preparing our students for the opportunities of adult life in the 21st century. 

We will prepare students to become responsible citizens, able to take advantage of the opportunities of adult life, and respectful of the values and cultures of others. We pride ourselves on being a caring school. We aim to provide an environment that is:

  • Happy
  • Secure
  • Friendly


t Plantsbrook, we are proud to be a comprehensive school. We say to all of our students from the most able to those with learning difficulties: “Be the best that you can be”. The achievement and progress of our students are outstanding. All students follow a broad and balanced curriculum designed to develop those skills and qualities that they will need to take them on to the next stage of their lives. We provide challenging extension work to stretch the most able children and there are many enrichment activities for our “Academically more able and talented students”. Teaching Assistants work with children providing additional support in lessons. We also have a unit for a small number of visually impaired students, who add greatly to school life. We believe that you judge a school first by the quality of its staff. Plantsbrook staff are highly motivated, enthusiastic and caring. We spend thousands of pounds each year on training and continuous professional development of our staff of highly qualified specialists. We hold the prestigious ‘Investor in People’ award. This confirms that staff training and performance is managed effectively in school which in turn improves teaching and learning. Lessons are regularly visited by Senior Staff to support teachers and to ensure high standards.