Leadership Charter

Our leadership charter outlines who our school leaders are and what responsibilities they hold. It aims to provide a clear indication of what our leaders stand for and how their values, principles and practice align with our school vision. Leadership operates at different levels at Plantsbrook, from senior leadership to middle leadership, support staff leadership and student leadership. The same principles apply at all levels, and we value the contributions of all leaders across our school.

Our Senior Leadership Team

Kerensa Neal


Andy Hulse

Deputy Headteacher

Emma Thom

Deputy Headteacher

Caroline Ash

Assistant Headteacher

Simon Hampshire

Assistant Headteacher

Emma Hancox

Assistant Headteacher

Lisa Proctor

Assistant Headteacher

At Plantsbrook School

  • Our core purpose is to ensure a consistently high quality of education
  • Our leadership is dynamic, agile and strategic
  • Our leaders are committed to securing the highest standards and outcomes for our students
  • Our leaders hold responsibility and are accountable for their responsibilities
  • Our leaders listen, respond and act
  • Our leaders always act in the interests of doing the right thing
  • Our leaders demonstrate integrity, honesty and hard work
  • Our leaders’ values align with the school vision and ethos
  • We believe that leadership is a privilege

The Plantsbrook vision

We believe that education is about opportunity and achievement for all.

Our core purpose is to ensure that all of our students are given the opportunity to receive a consistently high quality of education. One that enables them to achieve their full potential and to become the best version of themselves. We are firmly committed to empowering all staff to contribute to that vision of excellence, irrespective of their role. With hardworking, dedicated and happy staff our students will thrive, prosper and flourish. We believe in inclusivity and work hard to create an environment that is caring and supportive to allow all of our students to learn, and to embrace the differences that exist within our community. We value diversity and work tirelessly to ensure our students recognise and respect it too, so that every individual has the right and the privilege to contribute to our school community and culture safely and securely.

By fulfilling this vision our students and staff will be the best that they can be.

Our leadership commitment

  • Objectives: We establish challenging targets to achieve school improvement.
  • Inspire: We show our pride and passion for Plantsbrook School in all we do, demonstrating and modelling professional excellence, enthusiasm and expertise at all times.
  • Motivation: We invest in our teams and their capabilities to encourage and motivate them now and in the future.
  • Empower: We give our teams the space, autonomy and authority to deliver their own objectives. We are visible, approachable and welcome challenge, as long as it is in the interest of our school vision and culture. We do not default to micro-management unless the circumstance demands it.
  • Confident: We are straightforward, truthful and candid in our communications. We give clear, honest feedback, supporting our teams to succeed and to improve.
  • Engage: We demonstrate passion and dedication to wanting to improve and change things for the better, listening to and engaging with our staff teams and our students.
  • Outcomes: We ensure a shared sense of purpose for our teams with a clear focus on standards and outcomes.
  • Collaborative: We are team players, we expect our colleagues to collaborate with us and each other in achieving our vision and developing our school culture.
  • Judgement: We exercise clear and reasonable judgement by making good decisions, based on informed evidence and consultation.

What we aim to do

  • Keep it simple
  • Be open to all conversations
  • Communicate with clarity
  • Accept challenge and expect it
  • Give care and offer praise
  • Support and challenge each other to take responsibility and to accept accountability
  • Share the load, at Plantsbrook we develop school culture together
  • Measure and consider all situations with balance and calmness
  • Maintain professional boundaries and good manners, especially when our opinions differ
  • Model professionalism
  • Inspire colleagues
  • Embody and champion our vision, our school culture and our aspirations
  • Be loyal to each other and to our school ethos