We’re changing the way we do lettings, to give our communities better information and increased access to the facilities we have to offer.

Whether you need a theatre, sports hall, tennis court or just space, we have options available at highly competitive prices.

Get in touch with our team lettings@plantsbrookschool.co.uk


Our facilities are available outside of school hours Monday – Friday during term time, and anytime during weekends and school holidays.

Details of car parking availability to follow. However there is a council run car park on South Parade just across the road.

Main Hall
£25 per hour / £250 per day

With Holland House Infant and Nursery and Town Junior School nearby, there are multiple sized spaces on offer to suit your needs. Our halls can be configured with tables and chairs to suit a variety of settings.

Sports Hall
£35 per hour

Basketball, Netball, Badminton or just 5 a side football can all be comfortably housed within our dedicated Sports Hall. The space can be split into two using the installed dividers. Changing rooms available for an additional fee.

Multi Use Games Areas
£25 per hour

Known within school as the ‘MUGA’ our multi use games areas can be configured for netball, hockey, tennis and 5 a side football. There are multiple size options to choose from to suit your requirements.

Playing Field
£20 per hour / £200 per day

Whether you need a football pitch of varying size, or just wide open space to exercise or host an event, we have multiple playing fields on offer. Our playing fields also include running tracks, both grass and tarmac, with those at our Primary phase schools also including climbing frames and play facilities.

Drama Room
£30 per hour

Available with both a standard and sprung floor, our drama classrooms are the perfect place for aspiring dance and drama groups to rehearse and perform. When you’re ready for a bigger audience, why not move down the corridor to our theatre?

£70 per hour / £300 per day

Capable of seating more than 200 guests, our theatre is available with changing rooms, projection, lighting and sound systems and a control room at an additional cost. 

£20 per hour

Hosting a small gathering/presentation, or just in need of some room to be able to get a group together? Our classrooms can be configured in multiple ways to suit your event. 

Dining Hall
£20 per hour / £200 per day

With a range of tables and bench seating options, our Dining Hall space can be configured to suit your needs, with additional secluded outdoor seating areas included in good weather.

£30 per hour / £300 per day

Featuring a range of exercise equipment including treadmills, crosstrainers, static bikes, rowing machines, weight training machines and free weights. Our gym could be the perfect spot to keep your sports team in shape during winter months.