The School Day

Doors open8.15am
Make way to Registration8.30am
Lesson 19.00 – 10.00 am
Lesson 210:00 – 11.00am
Break11.00 – 11.20am
Lesson 311.20 – 12.20pm
Lesson 412.20 – 1.20pm
Lunch1.20 – 2.05pm
Lesson 52.05 – 3.05pm
Detentions3.05pm onwards.


Attending registration is a legal requirement and it is a parents’ responsibility to ensure students arrive promptly to school to get to their tutor room by 8.35am at the latest. Students who arrive late to registration will be issued with a detention unless there is a valid reason for lateness, confirmed in writing or by telephone by the parent/ carer. During registration important notices and information are often given out to the tutor group as well as delivery of PSHCE content.

Each year group also has a weekly assembly during registration time in the main hall. Assemblies are a time for us to reflect on issues which concern the school, celebrate our achievements and consider how we might improve.


Lessons are the most important time of the school day. It is vital for students’ future that they receive the best education possible and attend all lessons. Students are expected to arrive promptly to each lesson, fully equipped and ready to engage with learning. Any student deliberately arriving late or missing lessons will be placed in detention and/ or the reflection room.

Movement Around School

We expect students to behave sensibly when moving along corridors and around school. At Plantsbrook School, students should walk calmly, sensibly and follow the one-way system. They should ensure they do not disrupt the learning of other students.

Break and Lunchtime

At break time, snacks are available to purchase in the canteen, which is also open at lunchtime to serve food and drinks.

At both break and lunch time, students are encouraged to enjoy our outdoor spaces. Students in Years 7 – 11 are not allowed off-site.

In the event of poor weather, students are encouraged to use the outdoor canopies or sit in the canteen area.