About Us

Vision and Ethos of Plantsbrook Sixth Form

Our vision for Plantsbrook Sixth Form is to deliver an outstanding level of education whilst maintaining the students’ best interests at our core. We believe the Sixth Form experience should be enjoyable and stimulating, providing opportunities for students to gain their qualifications, supportive careers guidance, enrichment, life skills and attitudes which will enable them to shape their futures positively, equipping them to be valued and valuable members of a global community.

We will do this by ensuring that every student is able to realise, fulfil and exceed their potential in their academic and pastoral lives; providing learning and teaching that challenges and equips students with the knowledge and skills needed for Higher Education, employment and lifelong learning; providing personalised information, advice, guidance and support whenever it is needed; cultivating a positive atmosphere of mutual respect and success.

Why Choose Plantsbrook Sixth Form?

We recognise that our Sixth Formers are growing into young adults and are therefore granted privileges to reflect this; we treat you like young adults and expect you to be responsible like young adults. Sixth Form students at Plantsbrook are seen as role models by those lower down the school, they look to you for guidance and inspiration. The relationships between staff and students are friendly, supportive and challenging when you need that push to keep you going. The voluntary nature of Sixth Form study results in students who want to be here, leading to a calm, hardworking atmosphere. Plantsbrook Sixth Form is about developing you as an individual both academically and socially, whether this is through your study programme, charitable work, work experience, career advice or enhancing your CV through extracurricular activities.

Academic Life

Most of our students will take three subjects in Year 12, some students will take four if it is appropriate. Read through the entry requirements, course information and assessment guidance within this prospectus before making any decisions. Choosing the right course is essential to your success at A level and beyond whether your future is in Higher Education or an Apprenticeship. Spend time researching University entry requirements before making your A Level choices, it is important to ensure you pick the correct A Levels to continue with your education. Also, be realistic with your choices and consider your approach to your GCSE lessons. What are your strengths and weaknesses? A Levels are hard, they require dedication and a lot of independent study; you need to ensure your subjects are right for you.

Monitoring Progress and Achievement

Students are supported through Progress Review throughout the academic year by being given ‘Working at Grades’ based upon achievement in their subjects. This will be an overall grade based upon their current achievement. They are also awarded for their ‘Attitude to Learning’, which represents their overall ethos in relation to independent study, meeting deadlines and general attitude within their lessons. Students are awarded grades A-D from each subject area. The process of review and reflection creates a dialogue between the students, their tutor and the subject teacher regarding the subject specific skills required for success. This information is also shared with parents allowing everyone to be able to support our students throughout the year. The overall progress of each student is reviewed three times during the year and targets can be put in place, where necessary.

Sixth Form Life

Plantsbrook Sixth Form is not only about lessons and your academic life. We believe it is important to provide opportunities for young people to be involved within the local community, enhance their CV through extracurricular activities and develop social skills through team work activities. Whilst at Plantsbrook you will take part in a compulsory enrichment programme, be part of a tutor group, carry out charity work, participate in inter-form competitions and support school based projects. You will also have the opportunity to participate in Envision, The Challenge, Duke of Edinburgh, The BIG Debate and Rewards Trips, our alternative Sports day, work experience and many other extra-curricular activities.


There is a clear link between achievement and attendance. We expect 100% attendance to school and lessons at all times as we know this will ensure our students’ success in their A Level studies. Students have private study periods on their timetables and should use this time to complete further study within one of the dedicated Sixth Form Facility areas. Students are not allowed to leave the site during this time. All Sixth Form students should arrive to school at 8.40am for tutorial/assembly. We believe that communication with students and parents about attendance is fundamental for achievement and as a result we will share your son/daughter’s attendance level with you every half term.

Student Welfare

On joining the Sixth Form you will be part of a tutor group. Your tutor is there to support and guide you through your two years of Advanced Level study. They are a vital part of your success and will take personal responsibility for you, assisting you on daily matters and ultimately your progress to Year 13 and into HE or employment. Within the tutorial time you will have the opportunity to be a part of the Sixth Form community, signing up for events and participating in various activities throughout the year. As well as this your tutor will guide you through your transition into Higher Education through the UCAS application process. All students will attend tutorial or assembly every morning other than during “Review Weeks” where you will meet with your mentor to review your progress and set targets where necessary.

Sixth Form Facilities

At Plantsbrook Sixth Form we have a number of areas dedicated for our Sixth Formers along with all the other school facilities. We have the Sixth Form Common Room and Garden, with Wi-Fi connection available for students to connect their own devices, where students can work in groups or independently during lesson times. There are also a number of laptops available to borrow. The common room and garden are available during break and lunch to relax and socialise with your friends. We also have the Learning Resource Centre (LRC) with a suite of computers and a fully resourced library, which is available all day for Sixth Form students to use. In addition to this Sixth Form students have access to a dedicated classroom (W21) for private study, group work or to use ICT facilities when this room is not being used to teach a class.

The Sixth Form Team

  • Mr Legood – Acting Assistant Headteacher – Sixth Form
  • Miss Lenton- Progress Lead- Sixth Form
  • Mrs Knowles – Careers Guidance
  • Mrs Dullea – Careers Guidance
  • Mrs Flood – Sixth Form Administrator / Pastoral Support (Year 13), Designated Safeguarding Lead
  • Mrs Robinson – Sixth Form Administrator / Pastoral Support (Year 12)