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Student Leader Booklet




Students and pupils are central to all that  Plantsbrook School does. We know that, when  given the opportunity, young people can have a  profound impact on their school. Involvement in  leadership and student/pupil voice activities can  improve students’ and pupils’ learning as well as  helping them to develop the skills and traits  needed for success outside of the classroom. 

Miss Proctor

An overview of our Sixth Form Student Leadership  strategy


Student leaders provide a positive role model in school and take collective responsibilities for the  sixth form. You will help staff make decisions regarding the sixth form and then help implement  them to create a safe, happy, welcoming environment. As student leader you will have the  opportunity to:

∙ Organize awareness events for international women’s day, international deaf week, etc. ∙ Organize charity fundraisers such as the poppy appeal, food bank, Macmillan coffee  morning, etc.

∙ Work on an eco-council to implement strategies to improve the carbon footprint of the  school

∙ Setting up and running clubs and activities

∙ Collecting and actin on student voice

∙ Work alongside the school council  

∙ Help raise awareness for mental health

∙ Volunteer at parent’s evenings and open days

∙ Mentor younger students

∙ Act as a tour guide for visitors

∙ Attend SLT meetings as a student link to the sixth form  

∙ Conduct staff interviews

By becoming a student leader you are committing to work as a team to make a positive impact  on the sixth form and wider school community. As a student leader you will develop valuable  skills for the future as well as gain experiences that can be added to your CV and used in job  and college/university interviews.


As a student leader you will be:

⮚ Reliable

⮚ Responsible

⮚ Punctual

⮚ Confident

⮚ Enthusiastic

⮚ Supportive

⮚ An effective communicator

⮚ A team player

⮚ Approachable

⮚ Polite and respectful




∙ Advertise student leaders for the new Year 12.

∙ Student support group (external students)

∙ Fundraising Event


∙ Interviews for Y12 student leaders

∙ Halloween fundraising event.  

∙ 10th October – world mental health day awareness events

∙ 27th October Diwali events  


∙ Remembrance Day

∙ Mocks – offer support and lead assemblies.

∙ MIND – Non uniform day


∙ Mocks – offer support and lead assemblies.  

∙ 14th Jumper Day – Save the Children charity event

∙ Food Bank charity event

∙ Christmas celebrations  


∙ Mocks ?!?!?

Vision UK Awareness/Charity event 

∙ 25th January – Chinese New Year awareness event.

January 21: National Hugging Day


∙ 4th February – World Cancer Day awareness/charity event 

∙ 25th February – Shrove Tuesday awareness event  


1st  March – National Careers Week – 

1st March- St Davids day

3rd March – World Wildlife Day

4th March – World Book Day 

∙ 8th March – International Women’s Day


∙ Earth Day

∙ 1st-7th April – World Autism Day awareness-week.aspx

∙ 12th April – Ramadan 

∙ 23rd April – St George’s Day  


∙ May 4 – May 9 – Red Cross Week – events/red-cross-week 

∙ 13th May – Mental Health Awareness Week – ∙ 12th May – Eid

Sunday, 16 May – Shavuot


∙ 8th June – Greenpeace World Ocean Day – oceans-day/ 

∙ 13th June – Queen’s Birthday

∙ Sunday, 20 June – Father’s Day 2021 in United Kingdom


CHALLENGE THE PROCESS:  – This group is responsible for organizing sub-groups that aim to  challenge/improve existing strategies, both internally and externally. Such as an Eco Council – The student leaders in this group will run and be a part of the co-council which  aims to improve the aspects of school relating to the environment such as recycling and  energy consumption. Other sub-groups may focus on getting involved in the local community or local youth council.

ENABLE OTHERS TO ACT – The students in this group listen to Sixth Form students and are responsible for making decisions about sixth form and daily sixth form life.

School Council – These students will work alongside the school council to improve  school life. Thigroup will also try and help integrate sixth form and the rest of the school through organizing events.

Extra-curricular – This group is responsible for the extra-curricular groups in the whole school:

⮚ Debate club with internal competitions

⮚ Some sixth form activities

ENCOURAGE THE HEART – This group is responsible for organizing events for the different days/weeks/months such as International Women’s Day or International Deaf Week (6th – 12th). Our focus is on raising awareness through events such as, for deaf week bring in  specialists to teach or learn sign language in tutor groups.

  • Charity – This group is responsible for organizing charity events such as Macmillan  Coffee Mornings or the food bank. Not just non-uniform days.
  • Mental Health – This group will be responsible for arranging workshops, events, tutorials, assemblies to support and raise awareness for mental health issues.
  • Other: Tutorials with more focus on life skills:  

⮚ Taxes

⮚ Student finances

⮚ Politics

INSPIRE THE VISION- this group is responsible for organising and coordinating weekly meetings for the student leaders. They will also be checking every week with the other sub team leaders to see if their group is struggling, in need of any specific help or just to see if they are on track with their progress. We will also be responsible for making weekly slides to be presented during form regarding student life outside school e.g budgeting, student discount



“Our vision statement is to ensure that all students are happy. To achieve this  we want to maintain a comfortable and safe environment, ensuring that the  school is sanitary and clean.”


“Our mission is to create an environment and ethos in which all students are  aware of, encouraged to be proactive with regards to their participation in  extracurricular activities and their choices regarding climate change and our  environment.”


Senior Student Leader

Chido Chimutengo 

Deputy Senior Student Leader              Deputy Senior Student Leader

Ella Campbell                                                   Imaani Khiyam 

Sub Group Leader

Freya Guice

Enable others to act – Jenny McIlroy

  • Eliane L
  • Neve O
  • Libby G
  • Salina S
  • Rachel N

Encourage the heart  team 1 – Ben Songhurst

  • Amritta D

Encourage the heart  team 2 – Manpreet/Shabba

  • Denise U
  • Sophie A
  • Summaya A

Inspire a shared vision – FIzzah Kazmi

  • Ella
  • Imaani
  • Chido
  • Stephanie S

Challenge the process – Mariyah Aslam

  • Prav
  • Sonal
  • Zara
  • Carly
  • Joe rocess

(approx. 5  members)

Encourage  the Heart

(approx. 5  members)


others to  Act

(approx. 5  members) 

(approx. 5  members)