‘Precious Lives’ special assemblies

As part of our ongoing work with West Midlands Police, Precious Lives delivered a presentation to Years 7, 9 and 10 on knife crime.

The Precious Lives project sees a team of trainers, who have real life experience of knife crime either as a victim, offender or professional, speak to young people in order to help them understand the consequences of carrying or using a knife. The trainers share their experiences and pass on the lessons they’ve learnt. The workshop covered choices, decisions and consequences.

This formed part of a  police initiative aimed at raising awareness around knife crime and youth violence. Sceptre week is an intensification week to help tackle knife crime, exploitation, anti-social behaviour and gang activity.

West Midlands Police have produced a podcast series as part of the #LifeOrKnife campaign. The series explores the realities of knife crime and the devastating impact it can have on individuals, families and communities.

Miss Thom and Mrs Price work closely with our school police liaison officer,  PC Gibson-Lees. As part of this work, they attend police panel meetings with local schools to discuss contextual safeguarding issues. PC Gibson Lees visits the school weekly to discuss safety initiatives and to meet with students to educate them about choices and consequences.

As part of her work, PC Gibson Lees delivered a presentation to Year 7 on social media safety.