Promoting Positive Mental Health

On this page you will find a range of websites and resources to promote your wellbeing. Have a look and see how you can promote positive mental health in your lives.

Self care:

Have a look at the following video to help you to look after your emotional health – this shows you the importance of self care.

This website goes through a range of self-care tips such as: exercise, nutrition and sleep.


Sleep is very important for your Emotional and Mental Health.

The NHS website has some great tips for making sure you get a great nights sleep and feel fresh in the morning.


This website will show you a range of ways that you can bring mindfulness into your daily lives.

Watch this video in a quiet space to calm your mind


Gratitude is a great way to notice the good things in your life. As teenagers you can get preoccupied with things that are not going your way but gratitude is a healthy way to make you feel connected to the good in your life. Try some of the tips on the website below.

How about trying some of the things in this poster: