Recycling bins launched by School Council

A brand new scheme for ensuring Plantsbrook recycles more has been launched after it was demanded by the students themselves.

New paper recycling bins have been placed in classrooms and common areas across the site as part of a project led by the School Council.

Assistant Headteacher Miss Proctor helps organise the council and says it’s been a mission for the representatives to make a positive change:

“The students voiced that they didn’t like that paper was going into waste bins, in fact they hated it, so we asked them what we should do, we gave them some information about recycling, they took it to their year group meetings and came back to us to say they wanted to introduce new bins. They then went away and researched how much they would cost, how many they would need, when the collections would be and how they would organise that.

We were able to get them a meeting with the Site team to discuss how it would work, and then they’ve built the flatpack bins themselves and distributed them across school. It’s really been impressive to see them take a step by step approach to the issue and give them ownership of it, it’s completely their project, their ideas and their hard work.”

The project is the latest success from the revamped Council, which also saw the students set up a foodbank at Christmas for struggling families, changes to the morning bell system and as Miss Proctor explains, additional clubs:

“We have an email address that the whole school can use to put in requests and we had some great suggestions. One was for more clubs that maybe school hadn’t thought of, like a games club at lunchtime. Sixth Form got involved to be the host and they regularly open up a room and the students can go in and sit and play which is really lovely.

It’s all about working towards improving their environment and their community and how we can make it something that gives them a voice for things we as adults might miss. I love listening to them as I think they have so many brilliant ideas, we just need to guide them to give them the means and stimulus to come up with them and make them happen.”