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Results Day

At Plantsbrook School, we are immensely proud of our students and wish them the very best for the future.  The strength of our results encapsulates the excellent achievements of our students in a year unlike any other. We will continue to offer our full support and assistance to all those who need it during the coming days and weeks following the release of the A-Level results. Together we have endured unprecedented and turbulent times but we are pleased that our students were given the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities with well planned and structured assessments.

This has been a very challenging year for all students and the significant disruption to education has been felt most keenly by those who should have taken their final exams this summer. Plantsbrook has a long track record of academic excellence at sixth form and this year, despite the difficulties faced, is no different. Our students have achieved incredibly well across the full range of A-Level qualifications and equivalent and we are confident that they will continue to do so at their new destinations.  We know that our students have been impacted heavily by the events of the past couple of years but we salute their strength and resilience in overcoming the challenges they have faced.  Similarly, we thank their families for their hard work and continued support.

Our staff have worked incredibly hard throughout the disruption to ensure that our students have continued to receive the best education possible. We have strived to ensure that our students have been given every chance to pursue their next steps and not be disadvantaged by the circumstances.  We will have key staff available over the next few days to offer support and guidance to our students where it is needed.

As ever, there were some outstanding individual A-Level performances including:

  • Eve Douglas- Biology A*, Chemistry A* and French A
  • Megan Peers- Economics A*, French A* and History A
  • Oliver Smith- Chemistry A*, Geography A and History A
  • Finley Burns- Economics A*, Maths A* and History A
  • Dan Walton- English Literature A*, Biology A and History A
  • Sarah Tipper- Media Studies A*, BTEC IT D* and Economics A
  • Emily Pannell- Psychology A*, English Language A and Business Studies A
  • Rebecca Payne- Accounting A*, Business Studies A* and Sociology B
  • Lydia Copus- Sociology A*, French A and English Language A
  • Alexandra Pegg- English Literature A*, Geography A and Biology B
  • Matt Hyde- Computer Science A*, Maths A* and Physics A*

It was pleasing to see so many top grades across a wide range of subject areas including English, Maths, Media Studies, Art BTEC, French, Economics and Computer Science.

Students will be leaving Plantsbrook to accept places at many of the country’s top universities and I am pleased to say that the majority of students secured excellent university places. We wish them well and are confident that all of our students are on course to succeed at whatever they have selected to do next.