Return to school in 2022

Please find below the Covid testing plans for the return of students in January.

There will be a staggered start to the new term but we aim to minimise disruption by getting students back into lessons as quickly as possible.
All tests will be done in the sports hall and students should report in full school uniform and be ready to attend lessons the same day as their test.  This is with the exception of Year 10 and Year 13.  All students will need to arrive for their test via the Ebrook Road gates, they will need to be wearing a face covering and have their phone ready to record their test result using the NHS website, instruction will be provided.  Students will be able to use the school wi-fi to access the internet.  If students do not have a phone or an internet enabled device they will be able to make use of a school device to record their result.  Once we know students have tested negative we will allow them to attend lessons.  Any student who tests positive will need to return home and their parents will be informed.  We already have consent from previous testing programmes but if parents wish to change their preference on this please email
Lessons for students in Year 7, 8, 9, & 11 will commence on Wednesday 5/1/22.
P2 for Year 11 only
P3 for Year 11 & Year 7
P4 for Year 11
P4a for Year 7 & 8
P5 for Years 7, 8, 9 & 11
Lessons for students in Year 10 will commence P1 on 6/1/22
Lessons for students Year 12 will commence P2 on 6/1/22

January Testing Schedule 

Day/Date  Year Group  Test Time  Begin Lessons  Supervision – SLT  Supervision – Other staff 
Wednesday 5th January 11 9am P2 Wednesday FAR Year 11 Teachers P1 Weds
Wednesday 5th January 7 10:20am P3 Wednesday HLS Year 7 Teachers P2a Weds
Wednesday 5th January 8 11:20am P4a Wednesday THO Year 8 Teachers P3 Weds
Wednesday 5th January 9 12:20pm P5 Wednesday DLY Year 9 Teachers P4 Weds
Wednesday 5th January 10 2:05pm P1 Thursday THO Year 10 Teachers P5 Weds
Thursday 6th January 12 9am P2 Thursday PRO Year 12 Teachers P1 Thurs
Thursday 6th January 13 10am Exams begin Friday HLS Year 13 Teachers P2 Thurs
On the morning of Thursday 6th January there will be a slightly later start time to the day.
School will open at 9.00am and tutorial will run from 9.00-9.20am with a shortened lesson 1 for Years 7-11 from 9.20-10.00am.  This is to enable staff training to take place for the school’s new management information system.
The rest of the day will continue as normal.

Many thanks,

Mr J Farr 
Plantsbrook School