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Student Home Testing

Each student will need to do a home test twice a week on a Sunday and Wednesday.

To help you to get a good result when undertaking home testing, please read the following tips:

* Wipe the area that you are doing the test on with a cloth rinsed in hot water and detergent if you do not have a disinfectant wipe at home
* When placing the swab into the extraction tube, squeeze the bottom of the tube so that the fluid gets to the top of the cotton part of the swab, this will ensure cells at the top of the swab are tested
* When the drops have been placed onto the slide, leave it on the table to ensure that it stays horizontal at all times
* A test is also void if there are no lines at all, this does happen quite a bit and does not mean that you are doing anything wrong. Just use a new slide, there should be enough drops in the extraction tube for 2 tests.