Student Wellbeing Survey results

As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting our students to achieve academic success and to develop into well rounded, resilient young people, we recently asked students to complete a wellbeing survey.

We believe that it is important to consult students on all aspects of school life, whether this be through the School Council, student voice activities or student surveys, in order to help evaluate pastoral support at Plantsbrook School. The questions were taken from the DfE’s National Behaviour Survey (2022).

In total, 473 students responded across all year groups. A variety of questions were asked related to wellbeing, bullying and safety. Students were also given the opportunity to comment on strengths and areas for development.

When compared to the latest national results (June 2022), Plantsbrook scored in line or higher than the national data for the following questions:

  • How often do you see member of the Senior Leadership Team around the school? 14% higher than national results
  • Thinking about the last week, how often would you say that the school has been calm and orderly? 22% higher than national results
  • Thinking about the last week, how often have you felt safe at school? In line with national results
  • Thinking about the last week, how often would you say that you felt that you belong at your school? In line with national results

Almost 90% of students agreed that the school promotes wellbeing and signposts support through assemblies, tutorial, websites and PSHCE lessons. There were some lovely comments made by students, which were shared with staff during the April training day.

“Plantsbrook teaches you to be the best that you can be and the school spreads so much positivity”

“Plantsbrook School rewards pupils really well and provides a good education to anyone who goes through the school”

“My friends at school are definitely what helps me come to school everyday, the teachers and their small conversations – but, long impact. Plantsbrook School has included me in everything, and that’s what makes me feel as if I belong”

“PB has good support for kids who need extra help and lots of teaching about well being”

“Lessons are fun and engaging”

“There’s lots of extra activities to choose from to keep you active”

“It encourages the best possible version of ourselves and respects our choices with boundaries”

“It is a safe and encouraging place to learn”

“It drives people to become the best version of themselves by motivating, praising and rewarding students”

“The school promotes a lot of ways for us to deal with stress, bullying or other concerns students may have very well. They always remind us that there is someone there to talk to”

“Plantsbrook school is one of the best, safest schools… they start with the code ‘be the best you can be’  and really look up to it.”

“Plantsbrook you always shine bright like a star !”

We would like to thank students for their feedback. We value the opinion of our young people and use it to inform planning, procedures and policies.

We will continue to work on the areas for development identified in the survey. This includes:

  • Ensuring every child has a trusted adult in school
  • Continuing to raise awareness, reporting and responding to incidents of bullying
  • Ensuring that students have the resilience to deal with exam stress and other pressures