Students praised after mock interviews

Year 11 students who took part in last week’s mock interviews have been described as ‘inspiring’ by some of those who took part.

Twenty external employers set up in the library to conduct mock interviews as part of National Careers Week, with students given the opportunity to experience what it’s like to apply for a job once they leave school.

Careers Lead Mrs Dullea says everyone seemed to get something from it:

“For some of our Year 11 students it was their first experience of an interview setting like that, but all the feedback we had was so positive, with some even saying they found the students they spoke to inspiring.

We firmly believe it’s vital to build confidence in situations like this, so to hear that our students were so engaged in the process, asking interesting questions and giving honest answers was brilliant to hear.”

Some of those taking part combined the mock interviews with the careers fair that took over the main hall, but others, including our own Chair of Governors Phil Arkinstall of Ark Media, gave up their time to volunteer for the experience.

Phil Evans is a retired former co-owner of an IT company, he told us he was hugely impressed by the students he spoke to:

“One or two had really clear ideas of where they want to go in their careers. There were a couple who impressed me with the amount of drive and quality of what they’re up to.”

Another retiree, Jane Humpherson, said she was impressed by how much work the students had put in before attending:

“I’m always interested in children’s futures and giving them the best possible start both in secondary school and then in the future if they want to go to university or perhaps follow a path of doing an apprenticeship course.

I’ve been really impressed by the students here, they are fabulous. I just think they seemed to have prepared really well, they were taking it seriously so I just gave some helpful guidelines for future interviews so hopefully they will be as successful.

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