‘Talk the Talk’ project visits Plantsbrook

Students in Year 10 took part in a unique session designed to develop speaking and listening skills in a creative learning environment.

The Talk About Communication workshop provides numerous speaking opportunities and students are coached and supported throughout the day to deliver a structured two minute presentation, on a topic for which they have a genuine passion, to their peers.

The session was run by the Talk the Talk charity, who aim to develop students’ oracy skills and their communication confidence to support positive interaction in all life situations and improved social outcomes, training over 115,000 students to be confident communicators across England and Wales since they began in 2013.

Max Poole ran the session at Plantsbrook and says it’s great to work with schools in an area not often covered:

“Since covid we’ve found students don’t speak as much, they’ve got used to the online world and the education system doesn’t always teach these essential skills. 

The biggest element we teach is to try, if you make mistakes then you learn and improve, a tiny bit of improvement is still improvement. It’s ok to be nervous but its about not letting those nerves overwhelm you.”

A select group of students worked through a number of activities throughout the day and Max says he was impressed by how they engaged with the session:

“Students tend to be quite apprehensive at first, we’re strangers coming in to put them out of their comfort zone, they’re not sat behind tables they’re stood up and moving around and doing a lot more speaking. It can be uncomfortable for some and we push them as far as we can but we don’t make them do anything they don’t want to do as that can have a negative effect.

We give them the skills and the tools but they have to go out and keep on using them and the majority of the time they do, often teachers are pleasantly shocked at what can be achieved in just one day.”

You can find out more information about Talk the Talk here