Top TA Tips For Additional Support

Do people ever tell you that they can’t read your handwriting? If this is the case, the likelihood is an examiner won’t be able to read it either! Take active steps to improve your handwriting by doing the following:

  • Download and use this excellent resource ( (produced by the National Adult Literacy Agency via The Guardian – Teacher Network) which will help improve your handwriting. It includes warm-up exercises to limber up your hands, a wide variety of tasks to get you back into the habit of writing clearly and a troubleshooting section offering solutions for common problems.


  • AUTISM AND ADHD SUPPORT: Mrs DeLacy-Jones is our Lead TA for Autism and ADHD. She offers an additional layer of support for these students. In addition for our students with a diagnosis of autism, Mrs DeLacy-Jones liaises with Wendy Gibbs who works for the Communication and Autism Team.

We offer further interventions within our Inclusion department with Lead Teaching Assistants. These include improving hand writing, learning how to touch type, working on areas of developing speech and language skills and improving literacy skills. However, these will have to be put ‘on hold’ whilst we continue to follow government guidance following the outbreak of the Corona pandemic.


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