Uniform advice for dealing with hot weather

Students are being urged to leave their jumpers at home during the increased temperatures, and are being reminded it is not necessary to wear blazers in classrooms or on the playground.

Headteacher Mrs Neal says the school will always adapt to keep pupils comfortable whilst maintaining high standards:

“Our uniform is a representation of our school community and our commitment to be the best we can be. Usually pupils are expected to wear their blazers as they move around school, but have always been able to remove them in classrooms. When the weather gets uncomfortably warm we relax this on a day to day basis to allow blazers off all day.”

Pupils are being reminded they are still expected to wear their shirt tucked in and their tie and bring their blazer with them each day, but jumpers can be left at home.

Mrs Neal says every action is being taken to limit the heat inside the building:

“We are monitoring temperatures daily, with the building designed to allow us to create cross breezes throughout the site most areas remain comfortable. There are shaded sections of the playground if pupils want to go outside without direct sunlight, and there are plenty of sections of the school open to pupils who want to remain inside.

Should temperatures peak even higher we are ready to make further adaptations and will communicate them with pupils and parents/carers. We are all proud of our uniform and we always appreciate our parents support in maintaining our high standards during summer.”