Vision & Ethos

Plantsbrook school has developed an ethos of co-operation and democracy, we are an embracing and inclusive Trust where all staff and young people are respected and nurtured as individuals and are supported to be the best that they can be.

The values that underpin our work are:

  • Transparency: – building trusting and open relationships with all academies
  • Resilience: – recognising the role that the Trust plays in an educational context in line with the ever-changing political and economic climate; demonstrating tenacity in teaching and learning, curriculum development and Academy structures
  • Respect: – for self, for others and for the local and wider community, by developing our young people into responsible and honest citizens who are aware of their social responsibilities
  • Integrity: – Always providing inspirational leadership by developing new and alternative governance models which respond to the needs of our academies; delivering a culture of robust accountability and continuous professional improvement through a strong governance and performance management framework
  • Inclusion: – establishing a caring safe and supportive environment for pupils to flourish and learn; embracing diversity and recognising that every individual in our community of schools has something to contribute
  • Collaboration: – working together in a sustainable way with all stakeholders (parents, carers, families, pupils, staff, Governors, Trustees and the local community) for the betterment of all academies; creating personal and professional development opportunities for all staff to develop and fulfil their potential so that they have a rewarding career within our community of academies.
  • Excellence: – Every pupil deserves a fulfilling education that enables them to be the best that they can be. Through the provision of a challenging, yet exciting and memorable educational experience inside and outside the classroom, our young people will engage with an appropriately challenging curriculum.
  • Courage: – The ability to innovate and transform our ways of working across our academies and the Trust

Plantsbrook Learning Trust Registered Company Number: 07655702

Upper Holland Road – Sutton Coldfield – B72 1RB

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