What other provision can you offer my child

Pastoral Support (overall wellbeing):

Plantsbrook embodies our school motto of ‘be the best that you can be’. We recognise the importance of a sound and effective pastoral system that complements our excellent academic systems. We recognise that there will be some students that will need more emotional support than others. This may vary during their time with us. Our school offers support for children who are encountering emotional difficulties through the pastoral system which primarily includes their form tutor and Achievement Co-ordinator but may be provided by other staff depending on their individual needs. If your child is in need of additional emotional support, a referral can be made by the Achievement Co-ordinator to the Student Welfare Team.

In order for us to support your child, it is important that parents/carers communicate any changes with us. You can arrange mutually convenient times to speak to class teachers or other staff about issues which may be affecting your child via the school’s main office.

Telephone: 0121 362 7310

Email: enquiry@plantsbrookschool.co.uk

Specialist Services:

The school is supported by the Local Authority through Access to Education, which consist of four specialist services: Communication and Autism, Educational Psychology, Pupil and School Support and Sensory Support. Although the school nurse team has now been taken out of all schools in the local area, we are still able to refer to the School Health Advisory Service and other agencies depending on individual needs.