What training/expertise does our staff have in supporting with SEND

We follow a training plan for all staff which includes whole school training on SEND issues. All staff are subject to performance management reviews.

Individual teachers and support staff can also attend training courses run by outside agencies that are relevant to the specific needs of SEND children within our care.

Examples of training received by all staff in school include:


  • High Quality Teaching strategies
  • Safeguarding and Child Protection training
  • Teaching and Learning, sharing good practice
  • Book and marking strategies, sharing good practice
  • Autism awareness and sensory overload
  • Visual Impairment Awareness, sharing good practice

In addition, some staff have also been trained in:

  • SENCo national qualification – Our Inclusion Leader is fully qualified and accredited with the National Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator Award
  • Mandatory Qualification for Teaching Students with Vision Impairment (QTVI) – all students within our resource base for the visually impaired have access to a QTVI.
  • Epi-pen and asthma
  • Specialist training for new technologies (Teaching Assistants working with pupils with visual impairment)
  • Level One Autism
  • Leading Good Autism Practice (AET)
  • Lead practitioner in Autistic Spectrum Condition
  • Speech and Language Strategies
  • Qualified first aiders
  • Health and safety
  • Braille (Teaching assistants working with students with VI)
  • Understanding And Managing ADHD (ADHD Foundation)
  • Independent Living skills and mobility support (Teaching assistants working with students with VI)
  • In addition, some staff have also been trained in:

    – Inclusive PE training programme

    – Including pupils with physical difficulties in secondary schools

    – British Sign Language
    – Understanding Children and Young People’s Mental Health

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