Literacy at Plantsbrook School

At Plantsbrook School, literacy is the thread which links all learners and educators together. We value and promote high standards of literacy throughout school because we believe that disciplinary literacy is necessary for all students to succeed.

Reading at Plantsbrook School

Reading is an essential skill that we need to ensure pupils acquire, not simply to be able to read and understand texts, but to read for meaning, and to enjoy the pleasure of reading for choice: whether that is a skateboarding magazine, a short historical novel about Senegalese soldiers in World War One, a graphic novel, or an autobiography about a famous cricketer. Reading broadens perspectives of the world, encourages empathy, solidifies views and completely alters them. The opportunities are endless, which is why reading is such an integral cog within our school.

Reading for Pleasure

Reading Ages

Tips for Reading at Home

Literacy Games