Reading for Ages

Reading ages

In all year groups, students will be tested for their reading ages against their chronological ages at the beginning and end of each year. This will enable us to identify each student’s current reading ability, and the potential suggestions for reading across the curriculum, and for pleasure; this will also highlight struggling readers for literacy intervention, and therefore allow us to diagnostically test these pupils for their particular reading difficulty. This data is shared school-wide and training is provided to staff to ensure that reading and literacy remain a priority across all subjects.

Literacy Intervention

Literacy interventions can range from:

  • In-class intervention in terms of resources and adaptive teaching strategies.
  • Academic coaching sessions with a small group of pupils.
  • Lessons with our in-house primary school teacher if deemed appropriate.
  • Handwriting sessions with a HLTA.
  • One-to-one reading with a teacher / TA / sixth former.
  • Completing functional skills tests as well as GCSE papers in English.
  • Phonics intervention using Little Wandle.