VI Resources

In this section you will be able to find all of the resources that we use here at Plantsbrook in the VI department. If you have any questions on the equipment that is used please ask by clicking here:

Humanware Connect 12 Electronic Magnifier:

The Connect 12 is a portable magnifier and tablet. It is used to magnify any piece of work that is placed underneath it. This is a fantastic resource that allows Plantsbrook students to learn the importance of working independently.

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Large Scientific Calculator with Speech Capabilities:

This calculator allows our students to receive verbal feedback whilst tackling tricky mathematics calculations.

Perkins Brailler:

The Perkins Brailler allows staff members and students to hand produce braille sheets. These braille sheets are then used as learning resources throughout lessons.

Humanware BrailleNote Touch:

These are electronic braille machines and touch tablets that are used to produce and read braille work.

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Light Box:

The light box is used to trace work so that our TAs can perform modification and preparation for students.

Library of Large Print Books:

At Plantsbrook we have a range of large font text books and reading books.

Apple iPads:

Students have the ability to use iPads that have built in accessibility features and a range of dedicated apps to help with learning and development.