Plantsbrook School LRC is a central resource for materials to support teaching and learning. It provides a place for study, research and reading for pleasure. It is located in room 122 on the first floor overlooking the dining atrium.

The LRC houses a number of resources – fiction books, talking books, curriculum based & recreational information books, journals, careers material including prospectuses, and a suite of 16 Chromebooks. We also house the student printers and issue/return laptops to our sixth form students.

The LRC is staffed by Ms Meads, LRC Manager. A team of student librarians help out with the daily tasks at breakfast, break and lunchtimes.

Opening hours

 BreakfastBreakLunchAfter School
Monday8:15-8:4011:00-11.201:20-2:05READING GROUP
Friday8:15-8:4011:00-11.20PUZZLE CLUBCLOSED

During tutorials, and lesson times we have workshops, events, peer reading, Accelerated Reader lessons, information literacy sessions taking place.

Resources and Services

The LRC houses around 10,000 resources which include fiction books, recreational reading, curriculum based information books, journals, careers materials including prospectuses and 16 Chromebooks.

The LRC runs a breakfast club from 8.15am every morning, and a homework club from 3.05-4.00pm Tuesday to Thursday. We run a Reading group on a Monday after school and a Literacy Puzzle club on a Friday lunchtime.

All Year 7s entering the school will receive an LRC induction during the Autumn term to help them make the most of the resources available to them. Students in Year 10 and 12 have the opportunity to receive an induction to boost understanding of resources available at this higher level of study.

How to borrow resources?

Students in Years 7-11 are entitled to borrow 2 non-fiction and 2 fiction items for up to 2 weeks.

Students in Years 12-13 are entitled to borrow 4 non-fiction and 2 fiction items for up to 2 weeks.

Staff are entitled to borrow eight items for up to 2 weeks. If an item is required for longer you will need to bring it into the LRC and we will be happy to renew it for you.

If your resources are not returned to the LRC you will be sent reminders. If the resources are still not returned a bill for the cost of replacing the resource(s) will be sent to your parents.

How to find resources in the LRC?

  • Search for resources using This also has links to over 10,000 educationally approved websites.
  • You can ask the LRC Manager or one of the student librarians.

Fiction books are organised in alphabetical order by the authors surname. Information books, reference and the careers sections are organised using the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) system.

Posters are displayed in the LRC to help you use the DDC system.

Accelerated Reader

All students in Year 7 take part in the Accelerated Reader (AR)programme and these lessons will be taught in the LRC.

How does it work?

Each term you will take a STAR reader literacy test and your English teacher will give you a ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development) number. You will use this ZPD to locate fiction and non-fiction books within your reading range in the LRC.

You will then read and take an online quiz when you have completed each book. These quizzes can be done in the LRC.

If you wish to read books from home or a public library, you will need to check that those books are in your ZPD range. This can be done at You will need to search for your book title and the website will tell you which ZPD level the book is.

How can you make the most of the Accelerated Reader programme?

You need to make sure you have you AR book with you for your AR English lesson. You should also be reading for at least 20 minutes, five times a week. Your weekly reading needs to be logged in your AR Reading Log which will be given to you by your English teacher. This is a record of your reading and homework. Your reading log is the way your teacher, parents and yourself communicate with each other about your reading progress.

LRC Reading Groups

A Reading Group takes place in the LRC after school on a Monday evening, 3.05-4.05pm.

We read a range of books, some fun others thought provoking, and you get to take part in discussions and activities based on the stories we read.

If you would like to join or find out more about reading group, then please see Miss Meads in the LRC or Miss O’Carroll in the English department.

Literacy Puzzle Club

The LRC hosts the ‘Literacy Puzzle Club’ on Friday lunchtimes. We have a range of literacy based games and puzzles you can take part in whether you are on your own or with a group of other students.